Course Image The Integral Approach to Education

Duration: 2 weeks

Course 1 in the Integral Education Series - may be taken as stand alone or built upon to complete the requirement for Diploma in Integral Education.

Course Image Integral Education: From Reflection to Action

Two kinds of reality co-exist – one, that represents the best in society, progressive ways of thinking, refinement, new creation, aspiration, collaboration; the other, that represents the worst in society, depravity, cruelty, division, crudity, ugliness, meanness. Educating the young in such times is no simple task. How can education consciously collaborate with the positive forces in human nature and society? How can it fulfil its creative function for the individual and the society, and align itself to the evolutionary purpose of human life? This program introduces the basics of Integral Education in this context, and encourages the students to evolve and engage in its practice.