Course Image Indian Psychology-2018

Course Objectives: 

  • To familiarize the student with the rich systems of psychology in India
  • To indicate the progressive movement - an evolution of consciousness, taking place in Indian psychology, over time
  • To demonstrate the inherent holism in Indian thought – the view of the person as a bio-psycho-social-spiritual entity
  • To demonstrate the explicit application oriented nature of, if not all, most systems of Indian psychology.
  • To elucidate that the movement of the world spirit (zeitgeist) is in the direction of Indian psychology and spirituality
  • To examine the implications of the above for counseling and personal growth.

Course Image Towards the Light Within

An 8-week Online Course

Self-reflective & Practice based

Facilitator: Dr. Monica Gupta


  1. The Human Individual
  2. The Paradox Within – The Challenges of Individualisation
  3. The Unification and Harmonisation of the Individual Being
  4. Towards a Divine Individuality