Postgraduate Diploma Programme (32 credits)

Programme Brief The diploma on the ‘New creation of the Self’ explores the future possibilities of individual and collective growth towards a new vision. This change to a new consciousness is effected through use of the powerful faculty of Imagination and the inner psychological attitudes like aspiration, will, faith, trust and prayer. This is a path-breaking programme towards imbibing knowledge through the faculty of imagination which unlike the faculty of memory has not been explored in academia. The students also learn ways to deepen, widen and intensify the consciousness. The aim is to create a new inner psychological foundation for viewing and engaging with the problems/issues of individual and societal progress.

Programme Objectives
• To develop Tools for a New Vision of the Future for the Individual and Society
• To use the faculty of imagination as a formative power
• To develop inner psychological attitudes
• To inwardise, intensify and expand the consciousness
• To explore the role of the individual to bring about a shift in Society

The diploma programme is divided into two units worth 16 credits each.

Course Image Course 1: Attitudes & Faculties for a New Creation
This course forms the first part of the PG Diploma Programme: New Creation of the Self.
The Study units are -

  1. 1. Developing the faculty of Imagination as a basis of New Creation
  2.  Understanding the role of Faith and Trust in the formative power of Imagination
  3. The Power of Will
  4. Aspiration and Desire – the need for Unity
  5. The Power of Prayer in the Illumination of Knowledge and the removal of Obstructions
  6. Assimilation & Assessment

Course Image Course 2: Transforming the Character, Mind and Body
This course forms the second part of the PG Diploma Programme: New Creation of the Self.
The Study units are -

  1. Transformation of Character: Understanding Atavisms and the role of the Subconscient
  2. Transformation of the Mental: Envisioning a New Future: the limitation of Preconception and Prejudice
  3. The Nature of the Body and the Need for its Perfection
  4. Refinement and Culture of the Physical Consciousness
  5. Transformation of The Self and Society: New Forms and Powers
  6. Monograph
  7. Assimilation & Assessment