Postgraduate Diploma Programme (32 credits)

The diploma on the ‘New creation of the Society’ explores the nature of evolving social forms with an aim to understand the contemporary social challenges and create a new vision for the future society.

The first course in this programme engages historically with the social, political and economic dimensions of an evolving society and invites the student to use this knowledge to reflect and act dynamically on the changes he or she would like to bring in the contemporary society and his or her own role within it.

The second course has as its focus on the aesthetic, ethical and spiritual dimensions of the evolving society and more centrally engages with new creating the vision of a future society and its link with individual transformation as a precursor to bringing about this change.

The third course in this programme is the research project that gives the students an in-depth opportunity to engage personally and dynamically with their own understanding of the challenges of new creating a society and its link with their own individual development.

The diploma programme is divided into two units worth 16 credits each
This course forms the first part of the PG Diploma programme - New Creation of the Society. The study units are-
1. A Need for a New Form of Governance – Reflections
2. Collective Progress: Part-1: Small Communities & City States
3. Collective Progress: Part-2: The State Idea – Egoism or Nation Soul?
4. Understanding the Strengths and Limitations of Democracy
5. Democratic Individualism to Democratic Socialism and Beyond
6. Summative Assignment
This course forms the second part of the PG Diploma programme - New Creation of the Society. The Study units are-
1. Communism and Anarchism
2. Moving Towards a Spiritual Anarchy
3. Commercialism: Economic Barbarism
4. Culture: The Aesthetic and Ethical Dichotomy
5. Towards a New Creation of Society
6. Monograph
7. Summative Assignment