This programme attempts to create an understanding of the human psyche and its integral-developmental potential as based on the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. It delves into a new vision of Psychology as given by Sri Aurobindo and examines the integral-philosophical basis of Psychology. It examines the dynamics of Individual and Social evolution as envisaged by Sri Aurobindo from an inner-yogic perspective. The aim of the course is to develop a science of human subjectivity which can open ever new pathways for progress and perfection. It looks at the boundaries of the current disciplines of Psychology and attempts to create a vision of Future Psychology that is based on a true understanding of the Human Spirit.
Course Image Course 1: Integral Human Development: Multiple Perspectives
1. Sri Aurobindo's vision of Psychology: Key Ideas
2. The Philosophy of Psychology: An Integral perspective part 1
3. The Philosophy of Psychology: An Integral perspective part 2
4. The Psychology of Social development
5. The Psychology of Individual development – Multiple dimensions
6. Summative Assignment
Course Image Course 2: Creating a New Vision of Human Development
1. The Current Discipline of Developmental Psychology: Nature and Concerns
2. The Major metanarratives in Current discipline of Developmental Psychology
3. Examining the Current developmental discourse in Light of Sri Aurobindo's works
4. Creating a New Agenda of Developmental Psychology
5. Future directions
6. Summative Assignment