Course Image Empowering Relationships (2019)

Relationships are an integral part of our lives. The closest ones we take for granted. Often, only a loss, a betrayal, or a break brings across their value to us.

Relationships may empower us or they may disempower – either way, they exert a great power over the way we think, feel or behave, and who we become.

Let us take some time to look at our most significant relationships.

Let us spend time empowering our relationships and letting them empower us.

Course Image Introduction to Integral Studies

This course introduces the thought and vision of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The students are introduced to the lives of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, their key ideas about the evolutionary potential of humankind from philosophical, psychological and sociological perspectives, and the method of Integral Yoga. The course deepens one’s understanding of the individual and collective evolutionary challenges that confront us today. There is an exciting new vision of the Future contained in these writings – which is full of promise of an adventure for those who aspire for it.

Course Image Towards the Light Within

An 8-week Online Course

Self-reflective & Practice based

Facilitator: Dr. Monica Gupta


  1. The Human Individual
  2. The Paradox Within – The Challenges of Individualisation
  3. The Unification and Harmonisation of the Individual Being
  4. Towards a Divine Individuality

Course Image Unlock the Power of Imagination to Shape your Destiny

“Your imagination always goes ahead of your life.”

“If one knows how to use it, … one can create for oneself his own inner and outer life; one can build his own existence with his imagination, if one knows how to use it and has a power.”

(The Mother)