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There are two kinds of knowledge, that which seeks to understand the apparent phenomenon of existence externally, by an approach from outside, through the intellect,—this is the lower knowledge, the knowledge of the apparent world; secondly, the knowledge which seeks to know the truth of existence from within, in its source and reality, by spiritual realisation. (Sri Aurobindo)

The Gnostic Centre is not here to repeat the past patterns and paradigms of education... our aim is to research and delve deeply into the future evolutionary needs of our culture and civilization, and create higher educational courses, formats and pedagogues that address that need. The Gnostic Centre offers courses that facilitate a growth of consciousness in both students and professionals through an inter- and trans-disciplinary approach to knowledge.

METHODOLOGY: At The Gnostic Centre we attempt to integrate Lower and Higher knowledge and make a living connection with each concept. The students are encouraged to source knowledge from a deeper, wider and higher consciousness – and make it a living and dynamic reality in life. This is based on the understanding given to us by Sri Aurobindo that “All life is Yoga.”

The key to change in all the disciplines is a decisive shift from an external surface consciousness to a mode of knowing that comes from deeper within. It is this shift that we are trying to effect through both our onsite and online programs.

Reflective and application-oriented assignments are built into the program, along with those aiming at conceptual clarity. The facilitator involves the students in action research or projects to deepen this process of integrating different kinds of knowledge. The facilitator engages individually with each student and guides each one according to their needs and interests, while keeping to the overall aims and learning outcomes of the program.


  • Each Certificate or Diploma program comprises of 2-3 courses per semester.
  • The programs are modular and may be combined to form a higher-level program.
  • Emphasis is on practice and reflection, not merely on an intellectual understanding. This ensures an actual shift in one’s life and work.
  • The program is a combination of theoretical components and practice-based components.
  • High standard of academics is combined with Self-development techniques and Societal Issues – leading to a holistic education. 

E-LEARN: The Gnostic Centre uses one of the most widely used and leading-edge online learning platforms, Moodle, which allows students and faculty access to multimedia learning materials and interactive possibilities which are easy to use, intuitively and transparently organized, convenient, efficient and sophisticated. The facilitator-student interaction happens through various modes, such as, e-mail, online (e-learning platform), phone call, webinar/skype, face-to-face.

LEARNING MATERIALS: These comprise of – 

  • Readings for each study unit, along with a list of Essential & Recommended readings. 
  • Audio files of Lectures. 
  • Other resources, such as, URLs, PPTs 
  • A Video file of the Faculty’s address to the Student. 

All of the above are available online on The Gnostic Centre e-learning platform for students and can be accessed from anywhere through internet.

EVALUATION: The Evaluation shifts from rote-learning to original and sincere engagement with the learning process and materials. The assignments are framed to deepen the student’s understanding and reflection. 

  • Conceptual clarity 
  • Self-reflection leading to application in life 
  • Growth of consciousness 
  • Sincerity & Application
  • Coherence & rigour in ideas
  • Originality of thinking
  • Power of expression
  • Wideness of scholarship & ability to synthesise diverse ideas

CREDITS: Each Credit equals 10 hours of learner’s engagement with the Program – through reading & reflecting upon the learning materials, reflective and other assignments, listening to audio lectures, attending counseling sessions, learning from video and other links, referring to essential and recommended readings, etc.


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